Our Team

Our team of educators and staff are here to ensure your child's safety and happiness.
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  • Ms. Christina

    Ms. Christina


  • Ms. Irma

    Ms. Irma


    Pompano Campus

  • Ms. Grace

    Ms. Grace


    Pompano & Cape Coral Campus

  • Ms. Roshana

    Ms. Roshana

  • Ms. Niky

    Ms. Niky

  • Ms. Miley

    Ms. Miley

  • Ms. Mara

    Ms. Mara

  • Ms. Stephanie

    Ms. Stephanie

  • Ms. Carline

    Ms. Carline

  • Ms. Liz

    Ms. Liz

  • Ms. Brenda

    Ms. Brenda

  • Ms. Renueka

    Ms. Renueka

  • Ms. Rutty

    Ms. Rutty

  • Ms. Lisa

    Ms. Lisa

  • Ms. Jessie

    Ms. Jessie

  • Ms. Carol

    Ms. Carol

    "In Loving Memory"

  • Ms. Brittany

    Ms. Brittany


    Cape Coral Campus

  • Ms. Lisa

    Ms. Lisa


  • Ms. Edy

    Ms. Edy

    Office Administration

  • Ms. Yara

    Ms. Yara

  • Ms. Sindy

    Ms. Sindy

  • Ms. Helen

    Ms. Helen

  • Ms. Johana

    Ms. Johana

  • Ms. Maritza

    Ms. Maritza

  • Ms. Yosdalmis

    Ms. Yosdalmis

  • Ms. Orquida

    Ms. Orquida

  • Ms. Ludis

    Ms. Ludis

  • Ms. Michele

    Ms. Michele

  • Ms. Consuelo

    Ms. Consuelo

  • Ms. Yohanet

    Ms. Yohanet

  • Ms. Cindy

    Ms. Cindy