Private School

From Kindergarten to fifth grade, we offer more than public schools can.
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Private School Curriculum Philosophy

Our K-5 curriculum is based on the A Beka Book WITHOUT any of the the religious studies or course materials. A Beka Book provides materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give you all the tools you need to make learning interesting and memorable.

Included in all programs is a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks. All food is prepared in-house by our kitchen staff.

Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes for more individualized attention

We believe that smaller class sizes will allow us to more effectively educate your child.  Smaller class sizes allow our teachers to focus their attention on each child individually and foster every student's academic growth.  Our classroom sizes are much smaller than those in a public school setting, ensuring your child the personalized attention they need for success.
The teacher to student ratio for our kindergarten is no less than 1:15, and our ratio at 1st to 5th grade is no less than 1:18.

Interactive and Enrichment Based

Superior techniques for improved results

We strive for our students to be creative in their coursework.  With our level of learning they will be able to fully develop their inner talents.  Our curriculum will give them several projects throughout the school year which will allow them to creatively express what they have learned.  We won't ask our students to simply regurgitate information on cue.  We will teach them to become productive members of their family, academics, values, and society as a whole.

Better Parent Involvement

Parental involvement is highly encouraged

We think that family participation is an important component in the education process.  To that end, we will organize many activities throughout the school year that include parent/family involvement.  It is our belief that allowing our students to have their parents' support in the school setting will boost the quality of their education and emotional well-being.

No "Busy" Work

Homework is given to improve results; not to keep kids “busy”.

We don't give any pointless, time-wasting assignments to our students.  All of our academic activities, both in and out of school, relate directly to the subject matter at hand.  Reading is an important part of our curriculum and homework is a reflection of what our students studied that day.  We encourage our students to read and use technology at home as part of their educational process.

High Quality Technology Academics

Modern tools for teaching

We are called Hi-Tech Kidz Kollege for a good reason.  From kindergarten all through 5th grade, our students will be given frequent assignments which involve use of modern technology.  Students will have computers with educational software readily available for use in class activities, as well as interactive drawing boards.  We believe that modern technology has a great impact on all our lives, and should play a large role in the education of our students.