After School Care

We can pick up your 6-12 year old from school!
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Care for Your Children When You Need It

We offer programs for children who need care when the elementary schools are closed. On Teacher Planning Days, holidays and vacation breaks (Spring, Summer & Winter), we provide active spring and winter break schedules that include a variety of field trips and interactive experiences throughout the break.

A Wide Range of Activities

Our After-Schoolers have a complete well-rounded schedule of planned activities on and off-campus. Hi-Tech Kidz offers top-notch transportation for school-age children from local elementary schools. On school vacations we arrange an active full day program with field trips. In the summer we have a complete summer camp program that includes field trips and an array of interesting activities to ensure summer fun.

The computer lab is where children ages 3 and older can participate and interact with educational games. For protection and security, there is absolutely NO INTERNET ACCESS. Our educational software has been appropriately chosen for all age groups.

We Pick Them Up From School

We Pick Them Up From School

We understand that you can’t leave work to pick up your kids and drop them off for after-care, so we are there to pick them up for you. Best of all, our vans are equipped with an “all-clear” security alarm system that alerts us if any children are left behind on the bus. This ensures all children are safe and accounted for.